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BSMattW's News

Posted by BSMattW - August 8th, 2017


Hi everyone! I'm Matt Wilson, creator of Bonus Stage, The Puzzle Hunters, Deadly Space Action, Sweet & Sour, and Princess Ness.

I'm moving to Minneapolis next month, and with that move comes higher living expenses, which puts the fate of Cartoon Drive-Thru in the public's hands. As such, I need to raise my Patreon to $500 per cartoon! Without the Patreon, these cartoons simply would not exist. I have always enjoyed the support of a dedicated handful of fans, and now I'm hoping to bring some more into the fold.

To help with this, I've added two new tiers to the Patreon. Let's start with the basics: for $1, you'll get two 60-70 second cartoon updates every month (right now it's the Puzzle Hunters). For $3, you'll also get all of the music of my cartoons as well as any random music doodling I do. $5 will also get you HD versions of the cartoon updates. $10 will give you all of the above rewards AND get you a thank you credit when the cartoons are finished and posted to Youtube/Newgrounds! $15 is all of the above and access to commentary track versions of past cartoons. Finally, $25 gets you everything AND .FLA files for every update, released under Creative Commons (CC-BY 3.0).

I plan on streaming multiple nights this month to help promote the Patreon, both to stream my animation work and some games (how does Quiplash sound?). I'm also releasing some silly unrelated short-form cartoons this month and next month, as well as a little look at a cartoon that never happened (Go Ahead Make Us). The Patreon and Youtube schedule are as follows:

AUGUST 11: "Message" on YOUTUBE (one-off cartoon)
AUGUST 12: Twitch Stream
AUGUST 16: Puzzle Hunters #16 Pt. 2 on PATREON
AUGUST 19: Youtube Stream
AUGUST 30: Puzzle Hunters #17 Pt. 1 on PATREON
SEPTEMBER 6: "Go Ahead Make Us" on YOUTUBE (abandoned pilot)
SEPTEMBER 15: Puzzle Hunters #17 Pt. 2 on PATREON
SEPTEMBER 28: "Argument" on YOUTUBE (one-off cartoon)
SEPTEMBER 29: Puzzle Hunters #18 Pt. 1 on PATREON
OCTOBER 12: Puzzle Hunters #16 on YOUTUBE

It's do or die time for the channel. I've been running it for 6 years now, and I'd like to keep running it for years to come. Independent animation is just super rad and I wouldn't trade the failures and successes of it for anything else. But I may have to, if I can't afford to keep the lights on. That's why I've come to you, hat in hand, whimpering pathetically, for your help. I can't do it without you guys!

EVERY DOLLAR HELPS! Even if you can't donate, if you can spread the word on Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, Reddit, Friendster, MySpace, Xanga, Deadjournal, Geocities, Drawings on Cave Walls, shouting at random people on the freeway, converting into a being of pure energy and travelling the cosmos, etc. All of that helps.

Thanks for reading, thanks for your support, and have a great day!



Posted by BSMattW - April 3rd, 2015


It's been a while, and, well, there's really no reason why I shouldn't be posting cartoons here, so here's what you can expect over the coming months!

THE PUZZLE HUNTERS is back with all-new episodes, starting with the stand-alone high-speed PUZZLE HUNTERS -TURBO- debut, "INTRODUCTION TO DESTRUCTION", which airs next week!

DEADLY SPACE ACTION continues with more ridiculously stupid escapades, from the ship running out of fuel, to dealing with bad gamers, to fighting off mutants! With weird team ups and surprise returns of past characters around every corner!

SWEET & SOUR --- okay this is my fault, but there were 4 episodes and I only posted up to episode 2. That's on me.

Stay tuned for more updates!

Posted by BSMattW - June 2nd, 2014

Familiar faces return as Gameshow takes you live into the salty caramel center of the gaming industry's biggest event! From reactions to every keynote to interviews on the show floor, Gameshow has you covered like a thick blanket of protective mucus. Stay tuned for Gameshow's coverage next Monday night!

Posted by BSMattW - March 21st, 2014

Cartoon Drive-Thru is now supported by Patreon. This video will explain what Patreon is and how you can support the channel (NO OBLIGATION!! I can't stress this enough!!). Cartoons will continue to be posted to the channel as always, but donors can get special perks like early access.

Posted by BSMattW - March 10th, 2014


Who wants to watch cartoons for 5 minutes? Honestly I'm tired just typing 15 words. Deadly Space Action Minis solve a problem no one ever proposed: "how do I make my entertainment end faster?" Finally, the solution has arrived, and scientists are terrified: one minute cartoons!!

Taking place across the first two seasons, each mini is carefully constructed to give you at least one joke before immediately booking it for the exit, like the guy at your wedding reception who made everyone super awkward with his toast.

Here is the Minis lineup:

#1: HOLO-VICTORY (Airs TODAY!) - LeMarion builds a virtual simulation deck and the crew ruins it immediately.

#2: YOU GOTTA KEEP NEGOTIATIN' (Airs March 17) - The death ray is tampered with right before a hostile planet takeover, resulting in disaster.

#3: TAKE THIS JOB AND LOVE IT (Pt.1) (Airs March 24) - Madison is issued an ultimatum from LeMarion: find something she's good at, or get kicked out.

#4: YOU'RE TESTING MY OCCUPATIONS (Pt. 2) (Airs March 31) - The crew learns that Madison brings a brute force attitude to every job she takes.

#5: HACK'S OFF TO YA (Airs April 7) - The Antship's systems are infiltrated, and Orton is forced to hunt down the cyber-intruder.

#6: DEADLY SCHOOL ACTION (Airs April 14) - A rad to the max and totally tubular reinvention of Deadly Space Action all about staying in school where it's cool! School!!! Homework!!! Study halls!!!!!!!!

#7: ASTEROID RAGE (Airs April 21) - The Antship finds its way into an asteroid belt, revealing the awkward discovery that no one really knows how to pilot the thing.

#8: TROLLING THUNDER (Airs May 19) - LeMarion demands retaliation to the person who left a snarky comment on his website.

#9: DOLL HAVE WHAT SHE'S HAVING (Airs June 23rd) - The crew tries to take over a planet of "sentient" action figures.

#10: NOW IT'S MERCENAL (Airs July 21st) - Ashley discovers LeMarion is being hunted, and tries to save him so that she can kill LeMarion herself.

#11: SCARYNIGHT - (Airs October 27th) - Saige and LeMarion go candy hunting around the ship, only to end up trash collecting.

#12: BAD LUCK OF THE CONSPIRISH (TBD) - Orton may have orchestrated a lot of events behind the scenes, but he's not much of a mastermind.

Posted by BSMattW - October 9th, 2013

With Deadly Space Action's second season wrapping up on Youtube, it's time to spread the love to Newgrounds, so you will soon be able to see every episode here as well. Planets are conquered! (Well, one) Villains are thwarted! (Well, one, kinda) Familiar foes return! (Well, one) Yes you can definitely say that the biggest number this year is.. TWO! For Deadly Space Action season 2!

If you enjoy Deadly Space Action, you might be interested to know that you can now purchase Special Edition episodes of the show on Gumroad, in high definition with bonus features. The season pack includes the series soundtrack, and all episodes have creator commentary. Just check the link in my profile.

New Deadly Space Action episodes

Posted by BSMattW - November 1st, 2010

Submitted for the approval of the midnight society, a horrific trainwreck of old music from my old productions:


I'm still attempting to rescue some of my old music and possibly even re-produce it, but it hasn't been easy.

November is the month of new cartoons and new opportunities for myself. It'll be interesting to see how it all shakes out. Headlight Greenlight will be made available somewhere -- too large to be a SWF, it's a 30 minute cartoon. More Deadly Space Action is coming, along with some other ideas kicking in my head. Stay tuned to my Twitter feed for updates, as well as mindless rambling about dumb stuff no one cares about (the reason Twitter was invented!).

Posted by BSMattW - October 5th, 2010

Headlight Greenlight is not canned, or abandoned, or missing. It's well on its way, and should be available later this month.

In the meantime, people have asked of the whereabouts of my album Mindhouse, which disappeared off the web when the file sharing expired. It's available again, at a dedicated website:


You can listen to both Mindhouse and my more recent album, V-Chipular Bandslaughter, with two more albums coming in the next two months: the Headlight Greenlight OST and a special compilation of music from Bonus Stage and other projects called "Export->Trash".

Thanks for watching, and listening.

HLGL Update, plus Music

Posted by BSMattW - March 22nd, 2010

The Headlight Greenlight pilot will arrive this summer. Currently I'm in the first pass of animation, before the BGs are touched up and lighting is added. The animation's gonna look better than anything I've done before. The writing? Uh... still awful and juvenile. I can't change that. All I can say is, I can't wait until I learn how to draw properly, cause the rest of my skills have really developed and that's the only thing holding me back.

Now that I've seen how Wacky Game Jokez 4 Kids can be funny, look great, AND be economical (just 2 shots in the entire 2nd episode), it's made me think about how to scale back for future projects so that I can get them out faster.

For now you're left to wait until this new project comes out. I've already shot myself in the foot by not using the stock materials enough. There are some really wonky drawings in it. The animation quality is ace, but the layouts leave something to be desired, and the writing is a trainwreck. So stay tuned and get ready to witness the failure, this summer.

Headlight Greenlight

Posted by BSMattW - July 19th, 2009

If you haven't been following along the twitterwebs I've been releasing chiptune music for the past year and a half. Two LPs and one in the making. I'm considering doing a couple of music videos for the albums.

June did in fact come and go, because I got my dumb self caught on some demanding freelance work, and it could lead to significant future work, and I'm basically waiting on that.

Otherwise I'll begin to produce, in some form or another (comic? cartoon? I don't know) the Headcase property that's been sitting on my HD for a while now. I'll have to come up with a new name because of Starz Network had to be jerks, and it won't be a good name either because that was the best possible one. Look for something that is a pun based on scripts or screenwriting, coming soon this TBA in the year TBA!

Emptiness and disappointment also TBA

e: What the hell who put those movies in my favorites I don't like that garbage. Go watch Nockforce.