More music coming

2009-07-19 23:08:43 by BSMattW

If you haven't been following along the twitterwebs I've been releasing chiptune music for the past year and a half. Two LPs and one in the making. I'm considering doing a couple of music videos for the albums.

June did in fact come and go, because I got my dumb self caught on some demanding freelance work, and it could lead to significant future work, and I'm basically waiting on that.

Otherwise I'll begin to produce, in some form or another (comic? cartoon? I don't know) the Headcase property that's been sitting on my HD for a while now. I'll have to come up with a new name because of Starz Network had to be jerks, and it won't be a good name either because that was the best possible one. Look for something that is a pun based on scripts or screenwriting, coming soon this TBA in the year TBA!

Emptiness and disappointment also TBA

e: What the hell who put those movies in my favorites I don't like that garbage. Go watch Nockforce.


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2009-10-07 16:31:08

awww mannn matt I miss you so, I grew up with bonus stage.


2009-10-18 08:07:36

LP stands for Let's Play, right? :P