Cartoon Drive-Thru on Patreon!

2014-03-21 18:59:22 by BSMattW

Cartoon Drive-Thru is now supported by Patreon. This video will explain what Patreon is and how you can support the channel (NO OBLIGATION!! I can't stress this enough!!). Cartoons will continue to be posted to the channel as always, but donors can get special perks like early access.


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2014-03-21 20:13:33

If any series deserves substantial funding, it's this one. My god you've just plowed through the process of creating content that makes me super jealous! I honestly don't know how you do it (well, aside from that whole blood and sweat thing).


2014-05-19 12:50:36

Can you PM me another way to donate a flat, set amount? For some reason, I don't trust Patreon.... I don't even trust PayPal, but I have to use it :\