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I haven't reviewed a cartoon here in years. This is fantastic.

HotDiggedyDemon responds:

You should come back to us, Matt!

Alright, Not Amazing

It's fine. Choreography is alright. The animation could really use more inbetween frames. It looks choppy otherwise, in several spots.

rvyn responds:

For a non-stick movie, lots of inbetween frame by frame shots are just a pain. I'm pretty sure this movie has more inbetween shots than say, flash of the blade. Tweening is for lazy people.

Needs Serious Re-Tooling

The timing is way off on the comedy here. Study "Whatever Happened To Robot Jones?" to see how well synth-speech can be integrated into animation. The laughtrack hinders the enjoyment more than adding to the parody. Way overused. Good jokes at times but really needs some work.

Poorly-constructed LCD pandering

Obviously there is artistic talent here, but it's wasted on this generic excuse to shove lots of blood in the viewers' face. Seen it all before, and the story lacks a certain... everything.

Average and outdated.

The graphics are okay. I think that the spinning background is totally unnecessary and only makes the presentation feel bland as a whole.

The style is average, but I think what really hurts it is the fact that Episode 1 is, what, three years old now? And this still amuses you? Do people still laugh at twirly Matrix spoofs?

The lightsabre battle is accurate, as are mimicing the camera angles from the movie, but, again, with the rotating background, the movie feels like it has no depth to it.

And, honestly, the joke isn't worth the buildup. The orangle slicing, I could see from a mile away. I wonder why jokes like this weren't sprinkled throughout the parody, because it would've made it better as a whole.

And the sound.. can't you compress it like everyone else? Even 64kbps would still sound pretty good, and it'd reduce the filesize by half, at least.

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